The Around The Way Girl

Recently I had a discussion with a close friend and he stated that he missed the around the way girls. Until that point, I hadn’t realized that around the way girls was pretty much becoming extinct.

 My definition of an around the way girl is a female who can rock the latest Jordan’s daily and she’ll get as much attention as the female in 6in Giuseppe’s. She is also a woman with smart mouth that does not mind checking anyone. She stays up on all the latest fashions, knows the lyrics to all the hottest hip hop songs, and she enjoys hanging with the fellows. She has a walk that will catch everyone’s attention, yet she talks with street slang (LL taught me lol).

In this age of social media, much of society is so blinded by images of models and being bad and boujee that no one wants to be the girl next door any more. We want our faces beat, our hair to our waist, we suffer the pain of Red Bottoms, and carry Gucci bags with negative banks accounts just to take pictures and show the world that we are fabulous.Recently while in Atlanta, I visited Lennox to do some shopping for my birthday. Now we all know Lennox’s reputation so before going out I made sure my hair was on point, face semi beat, and I had on a pair of 6in heels. I also advised one of my friends that she needed to change from the flats she had on to some heels. After about an hour of walking, I felt as though my feet were going to fall off (literally). The pain was the worst and the constant walking did not help any. Of course I was doing some shopping so I struggled to carry the bags and walk gracefully as my feet hurt so bad. But I was determined that I was going to maintain that bad and boujee image lol, even if it killed me.

 Ladies, I think there are a lot of guys that are missing that around the way type a girl that social media and this generation is slowly taking from us. They miss the regular girls, that don’t want to be a boss chics, don’t want to change the world, don’t need 500 likes, and don’t hold back their tongue. These are the girls that dress comfortably but are beautiful effortlessly. She likes to hang out laughing and joking with the guys, and cool with bar hopping. She doesn’t need a section in the club, or photo shoots. She’s cool with a date to Applebee’s and not Ruth’s Chris. She’s okay with a weekend vacation down to Myrtle Beach, and not breaking the bank to hit Cabo or Miami. She worked hard at her 9-5 every day and was independent. 

We are now in a time when strippers, reality stars, scammers, and social media models are idolized. It’s rare that you see the around the way girl, and if you do she is labeled as being basic. She’s is just a regular girl, that is happy with her life and who she is. I was once that girl, but I have conformed to society. I traded my J’s for heels, my natural hair for bundles and my lip gloss for a full face beat. This is who I am now, and I am comfortable with it, but I must admit I do miss that around the way girl persona. 

I know there are a lot of guys out there that miss it as well. Ladies be comfortable, you don’t always have to be perfect, the guys are looking for what’s real not perfect.

 “Around the way, you’re like neighborhood jewel all the  homeboys sweat ya, you’re so crazy cool” LL Cool J


HerStory: Women’s History Month

March is the month we celebrate women’s history. Although Hilary made a lot of noise for women in 2016 as the first female democratic nominee for the POTUS position. I want to recognize two different sets of women that definitely made herstory (history).

The first is Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson other known as “Hidden Figures”. These women worked for NASA and were the beauty and brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glen into space. These beauties were mathematicians who defined all odds against them. I heard of the book for the first time in 2016 and could not believe this had not been incorporated more into our history books..  It does make me wonder how many other “hidden figures” are out there.

The next female that recently made herstory (history), is Teresa Shook. Now you’re probably asking who is Teresa Shook. Well Teresa decided on Nov 9, 2016,(the day after Trump won election) to create a Facebook event inviting her friends to march on Washington during the inauguration weekend. Little did she know an estimate 2.6 million women would participate in the march in cities across the United States. It was solidarity at its finest. Women of all colors, classes, creeds joining together in love. Definitely herstory (history) was made on January 21,2017.

Ladies 2017 is our year. Let’s continue to build each other up in love and unity.

It’s not too late for you take part in this women’s movement. It has been announced March 8 is officially “Day Without Women”. This also International Women’ Day.

There are three rules for participation:

  1. Take the day off work
  2. Shop at women and minority owned businesses 
  3. Wear Red

This day is to show the world how valuable women are to our society. 

The Unapologetic Year

This past week I celebrated my birthday turning thirty-fine years old. On my actual birthday it was pretty chill. I spent the weekend with friends and loved ones in ATL. 

I decided this would be my “unapologetic”year. Let me explain what I mean.

If you know me personally, you know that typically I’m laid back, chill, friendly and non confrontational. I have always been a people pleaser and would often make sure others were happy at my own expense. Nothing bothered me more then knowing someone was mad or upset with me. 

I also have always carried myself in a way that I thought others wanted to view me in. The way I dressed, talked and moved depended on the environment I was. This caused me to actually lose my self. Not that it was being fake, that’s just the type person I was. Adjusting to my surroundings and environment but not being true to Kei.

But this year everything is changing. I’m going to unapologetically be me. I’m going to live life care free doing what makes me happy. If a person decides one day they don’t like me, it’s their loss. I will no longer change myself based on others feelings. If I want something I’m going to get it. 

In corporate world, I’m still kind of quiet. But I am most falsely judged there. Because of my title, I get false accusations and I have to hold my head down a lot. I’ve made my mind up that unapologetically I’m going to be me. If something is good, I will praise. If it’s bad I will correct it. I no longer will stand in the shadows of of others. I will be me at all times. Unapologetically.

My focus in 2017 is winning by any means necessary. This is my time to make my visions come true. If I post 100 selfies a day, I will do it unapologetically not caring who likes it. I don’t think I’m gorgeous but I did fight hard to become this woman. Every time I take an image I like it reminds me how I far I came. I will post statuses on social media, unapologetically. Those pose in past have helped a lot of people. I will share my success and my failure unapologetically.

Most of all I’m going to be the best Kei I can be… unapologetically.

My future is bright, small town girl with big dreams making them happen. I’m doing it all unapologetically.

Thanks everyone for birthday wishes. This was best birthday in a long time. 

Keeping up with Kei is about to be real major…. unapologetically 

Investing vs Impressing

It often amazes me at the amount of money that I see people blowing. $1000 jeans, couple thousand for sections at the club every weekend, foreign cars and no future…

The bible says that people will perish from the lack of knowledge and I believe that to be true. This generation is so obsessed with impressing people that they have no desire to inspire people. I partially blame social media for this. We (including me) get so caught up in the glitz and glam and obsessed with lifestyles that others portray that we lose ourselves.

In reality, it only takes between $5000 to $10000 to start up a business or invest in you. I know people that blow $10000 every other weekend. Seriously, just think about money that you may have blown on outfits you wear once, bottles that everybody drinking from, and sections in the club that everyone sitting in just to take pictures

There could be so many more black owned businesses if we would just invest in ourselves.  Why throw your money away to party and after that nights its nothing to show for it. Invest in yourself, in your bloodline. Create a business so that your children’s children can benefit from your investments. Open restaurants, boutiques, and salons, invest in real estate, buy a car lot. The opportunity is endless. Have a plan so that if something was to happen to you, your family would still be well taking care of.  

The right investment could easily change your life. Now don’t get me wrong because I love labels. I prefer Balenciaga over Jordan’s and Loubaton over Michael Kors. In the club I want my own section especially if it’s crowded. But don’t let that be all that you invest in. Think about it, while you’re spending thousands the club owners and promotes are getting rich and making more investments. The designers are getting richer and greedier by continuing to up prices but not give back to our communities.  

Investing in yourself could allow you to double your net worth, provide jobs to those in your community (especially convicted felons who society is not as willing to give a second chance), and provide a future for your children.

Invest then impress. But most importantly inspire. Our generation needs leaders. The internet models, rappers, and strippers are making life look golden on the internet. Social media lifestyles are far from reality. Reality is work hard, provide for your family and then play with what is left.

Invest in you. The best part about making money is making it make more money. We have to stop making the richer rich while are communities go poor

What I learned from Super Bowl 51

​Super Bowl 51 was one for the history books. It kept us on the edge of our seat right up until the final play. Football fan or not, one must admit it was a very exciting game. Of course me being the thinker that I am, I got so many messages from the game that could be inspiring to others as well as me. Here are the top 5 things that Super Bowl 51 taught me:

5. Never underestimate the underdog- Going into Sunday’s competition, although the country seemed to be rooting for Atlanta, there was a lot of speculation the team had disadvantage to the veteran Patriots. However during the first half, Atlanta outplayed the Patriots both offensively and defensively. We can apply this to everyday life. No matter how unqualified you think you are, or the lack of experience you may have… with hard work and determination you can keep up with the best of the best.

4. Never celebrate a victory too early- The Falcons and pretty much all of America were pretty sure that the Falcons had the game once by half time. However that brief moment of celebration was quickly put to a halt. No matter what your dream consist of, don’t celebrate it too early. We always pray for the best and excited about new ventures. But celebration should not occur until the deal is sealed. For me that means, promotions, relationships etc. I won’t ever toast to my accomplishments, until they are actually accomplishments.

3. Stay focused on the prize- Tom Brady and the Patriots never lost sight of the prize. Sometimes in life, we get curve balls, trials, ups and downs. But never forget what your ultimate goal is. Sometimes we think we are losing but in reality we are being set up for our biggest victory ever. No matter what it looks like stay focused.

2. Your past does not determine your future- Falcons had control of the game and the Patriots never saw a lead until the final score. The first half of football that the Patriots played was horrible; however after half time they bounced back and went on to victory. With life we all take some type of losses. We lose jobs; lose relationships, financial hardships, sickness and whatever else keeps you down. But always remember that just because the previous chapter of your life contained trials, as long as there is still time left on the clock there is still a chance to turn things around.

1. Team work makes the dream work- Sure Tom Brady did his thing as QB, but without the running back and other key players making phenomenal catches they may not have won. It takes a team no matter if its husband and wife, friends, business partners, or family. The mentality of I can do it alone and no new friends will keep you from prospering. Find whatever components are needed for your team and use that to grow your network, your faith, and your success. The right team will motivate you, inspire you, correct you, mold you and push you towards that win.

So other than the fact that Tom Brady is an amazing player, let these steps motivate you. I am far from a Patriots fan; however they are most hated because they are the most successful. So just understand that with success comes hate, but use that as fuel for your wins.

8Bye Bye Gut hello Butt

The week before Thanksgiving I purchased a full lenght mirror just because it was cute and I wanted one. I sat the mirror by my bathroom wall until I could get it installed. That night after my shower, I walked by the mirror naked and was super shocked to see that I had rolls for days and my shape was awful. I decided that night, changes had to be made. 

As much as I LOVE Dr.Pepper, it was the first thing on my cut list. It had to go! Along with all the other cakes, candy, brownies and donuts that I love. I also decided to give up fried food, red meat and breads. With all that I subtacted from my diet, I made the decision it was okay to keep pasta and of course seafood.

So for at least 8 hours a day, I’m at work surrounded by everything unhealthy you can think of. Soda, chips, candy, donuts you name it. I would find myself constantly making visits to the vending machine. I was eating out of boredom. I read that it was okay to eat fistful of healthy snacks every couple of hours. So I bought Skinny Girl Popcorn (sea salt), and Walmart brand Indulgence Mix. Which has dried bananas and pineapples, nuts and raisans. I eat this daily with peanut butter (protein).I also drink meal replacement shaked. I added eating boiled eggs every morning to my diet (don’t skip breakfast). Finally, I drink LOTS of water. Sometimes at night, I mix lemons with my water.

I’m not big on nor do I really endorse diet pills. However, I did a 14 day detox of Acai Berry clense and Green Tea Pills. Upon completion, I could tell difference in my belly size, my skin and my energy.i would highly recommend this clense.

Working out has always been my weak point. I am borderline lazy. But if I want Amber Rose body without laying on that surgery table…. working out is required.  Basically I dont do any elipticals. I had a trainer at one time and he told us elipticals burn calories but wont get rid of the pudge. Walking does not help with losing weight because normally people consume more calories then they burn walking. I just want to lose my belly, nothing else. You know, I’m trying to be slim thick lol.So my routine consist of  working out twice a day (5:30am, 9:30pm). Below is my normal workout:

  1. 60 second planks (3x)
  2. 75 crunches touching knees(3x) 
  3. 75 crunches with legs up (3x)
  4. Scissors 60 seconds (4x)
  5. Side plank each side 35 seconds (2x)
  6. Russian twist 50 (2x)
  7. 6 inches 60 seconds (2x)
  8. 50 squats with medicine ball  (3x)
  9. 50 jumping jacks
  10. Jump rope 3 minutes

    In addition, I wear my bellabody waist trainer when I am sitting around house and while working out. I love my waist trainer.
    So far so good. For the next 30 days, I’m going to go harder. Eating cleaner, and working out will have you feeling great.In a couple of weeks, I will update you with my progress. These are some tips that I can stand by. I have wasted money on trainers, the gym, and all of that, however working out at home has been a win for me. If you have kids let them join with you. My kids always join in. 

    Turn on your favorite music station and lose that belly right in your living room without losing money. Five and Below is where I purchased the weighted jump rope, the 8lb medicine ball and my yoga may.

    In addition I am lucky to have awesome coworkers who also decided on a healthy lifestyle in 2017 and we cheer each other on.

    No excuses, get fit in 2017.Tell that gut good by!!

    Slay 17

    Happy New Year. It’s official, its Slay 17. This is the year I’m going to slay blogging, fashion, make up, but most of all life.

    This year I’m going after everything I want. Relationship, traveling, businesses, maybe even a little acting.  There is a beast inside of me that has been waiting to unleash. Mentally, I am prepared to slay everyday. 

    Slay 17, Im not going to be the girl you once knew. My confidence in myself and work will be on another level.I will no longer worry about what others think of me. My only concern is doing what I love, and branding myself.

    I plan to make my name known outside of NC.

    What are your plans for Slay 17? Im not a fan of these vision boards. I feel personally like people make these boards and forget about them or do them just because its popular.I learned from a successful person years ago put your goals where you can see them daily. Want to save for house or vacation? Put pictures of your plan in wallet so that everytime you reach for cash, you’re reminded of your goal. Want to lose weight? Find a picture of your goal body (Teyana Taylor) and make it your screensaver. Get a planner that you carry like a bible and write your goals. Each week record what you did to meet your goals. As you meet the goals, highlight them in bright colors so that your success is visable.

    No matter what you do, or how you do it. Make sure that you slay in 2017.  Best Wishes. Always remember we have the same 24 hours as Beyonce. Lets slay them.