A Boogie Performance Leaves Lifetime Memories at The Blind Tiger

On Friday June 9, A Boogie with Da Hoodie stopped through Greensboro and kicked off Summer Seventeen with a concert hosted by The Cavali Group and sponsored by Fresh Empire.

This was an amazing start to the summer for local teenagers.  The concert held at The Blind Tiger brought out a diverse crowd of all races and ages. At around 6:30 the line was already wrapped around the building with high anticipation of the performance from the Bronx native A Boogie with Da Hoodie.

DJ SixThirty kept the crowd hype on the turntables, while Cavali Pedro kept the crowd entertained on the mic. The opening acts who ranged from the Greensboro/ Durham area to the DMV displayed their lyrical skills in front of the crowd  anxiously waiting the arrival of A Boogie. Each of the opening acts did an amazing job including 15-year-old Quad out of Greensboro, NC.

A couple of fans walked away with prizes that included a meet and greet with A Boogie and passes to see the premier of All Eyez on Me The Untold Story of Tupac Shakur. Fans battled against each other to prove who was the biggest fan by showing their knowledge of A Boogie songs. The crowd chose the fan with best stage presence and who knew the lyrics as the ultimate winners. Cavali Pedro and Rello kept the crowd hyped and interactive throughout the show


A Boogie brought the energy from the time he jumped off the bus onto the stage. The crowd went wild when the 21-year-old rapper graced them displaying his bright smile and dancing to Future’s Mask Off. He performed hits such Timeless, Drowning and everyones favorite My Shit.


Midway through his performance, the promoters noticed a group of children outside the venue excited  and trying to sneak a glance at the performance. The promoters escorted the children and an adult with them onto the stage. The kids who looked like they ranged from the ages of 6-10 immediately started dancing and rapping along to every song. These kids were clearly huge fans, and The Caveli Group had just made their night. A Boogie began dancing with the children as Rolex by Ayo and Teo played and went to retrieve his chain from DJ booth in which he put on the neck of 6 year Caydan. The young boy covered his face in disbelief attempting to hide the emotions he was feeling at the time. The look and the excitement on these kids faces melted my heart. After the show A Boogie gave each child a hug, and they were escorted to the meet and greet area.


aboogie and kids

The collaboration with The Cavali Group and Fresh Empire is one that I look forward to in the future. The Cavali Group has already brought G Herbo, PNBRock and A Boogie as part of the New Wave Concert Series.  The city is ready to see who’s next. The A Boogie concert was definitely one for the book and provided memories that will last for a lifetime for a couple of kids.




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