Kei’s Guide to Affordable Summer Daycations

It’s summer time, the weather is beautiful and the kids are out of school. Every year we have high hopes of taking our kids to Disney, The Bahamas, Jamaica… all the hot destination spots we see and hear about. But unfortunately our pockets don’t always match our plans. Sometimes vacation days from work are hard to come by. So don’t worry, Kei has got you. I’m going to share with you 10 dope daycation spots that won’t break your pockets. You can go, have fun, and not come back broke. (note this list is not in any particular order, I encourage you to Google them all)

10. The Greensboro Science Center- This is one of Greensboro’s best kept secrets. For a small fee you get access to the aquarium, the zoo, the museum, and the children’s center. Once your tour is complete, you can step out back and enjoy the great outdoors at the Country Park. Here you can go paddle boating, cook out and the kids can enjoy the park. For you nature lovers there is an awesome walking trail and bike trail available.

9. Lebauer Park- Lebauer Park is still fairly new in Greensboro. Take kids for fun in splash park as well as state of the art park equipment. If you have pets there is also a super cool doggy park as well. On Friday’s throughout the summer there is family movie nights as well as other activites.

8. Lazy 5 Ranch- Located in Mooresville, right outside of Charlotte. Lazy 5 Ranch is also a hidden jewel. It’s a zoo, but get this… You drive through it.. Yep, a drive through zoo. If that’s not cool enough, you can buy food and the animals walk right up to your car to get it.  If you don’t want to drive through the zoo, no worries they offer wagon rides as well.  They have zebras, monkeys ostriches, giraffes, pretty much any zoo animal that you can think of. I took my kids a couple of years ago and we had a blast, I definitely plan on visiting again this summer.

7. Hanging Rock- If you’re in the mood to explore nature…. Hanging Rock is your place. The park is about 30 miles north of Winston-Salem. There are camp sites available, a trail for hiking, rowboats and canoes, rock climbing, swimming and its famous for its beautiful waterfalls.

6. Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe- Located right in Greensboro is Wet n Wild Water Park. The park provides fun for the entire family. It’s full of rides and slides, waves, rivers and pools. It even had a kiddie slide for the little ones. A day spent at Wet n Wild is sure to be a day of fun.

5. Frankie’s Fun Park- Frankie’s located in Raleigh, NC is a play ground for those young and young at heart. Frankie’s has The Dark Ride which puts you right inside the action of a movie with its 3D graphics and special effects. Using laser blasters you battle the onscreen “bad guys”. It also has the Windstarz which is kind of like hang gliding except you’re  in control. It also has “the drop zone”!  So are you kind of picturing it? Its kind of like a miniature version of Carowinds and Dave and Busters mixed. Fun for the entire family.

4. Jordan Lake- So you want the beach, but money is funny and you don’t want to make the drive or pay those outrageous hotel rates. Jordan Lake is the perfect day spot. It has the water and the sand that the beach provides  In addition there are areas also available to rent to use grills and cook out. Jordan Lake is located about an hour from Greensboro right outside of Wake Co. It will give you a mini beach feeling without hitting your pockets.

3.  Great Wolf Lodge- Great Wolf Lodge centered in Concord, NC is the home of one of the largest indoor water parks. Great Wolf not only offers the waterpark but also themed suites resort style. So you have the option of spending the day or spending the night. My personal opinion is Great Wolf is a little more pricey  then some of the other places on this list. So it may involve some planning and saving.

2. The North Carolina Zoo-  Located about 40 minutes from Greensboro in Asheboro, NC. This is very different from the Lazy 5 Ranch. In fact they only thing they have common is they both have animals. The NC Zoo will consist of a lot of walking. However, kids and adults love it. The NC zoo does feature more animals. The zoo does have 500 acres and features two continents of animals.

1.Carowinds-  This amusement park is between Fort Mill and Charlotte. Carowinds has it all!  The park has a water park, thrill rides and carnival games, you name it!  It is surely a day of fun for the family! On the right day, you may can even catch a concert, or fireworks! Normally you can also pick up discount tickets at local retailers or online during the park season.

This is my list of a couple of daycation spots. One Saturday you make wake up and just decide to explore one of these places. It my plan to hit up all these spots this summer or at least a couple for sure.

Summer goes fast, make memories, have fun, and enjoy your families. You don’t have to go broke to have an awesome summer.


A Boogie Performance Leaves Lifetime Memories at The Blind Tiger

On Friday June 9, A Boogie with Da Hoodie stopped through Greensboro and kicked off Summer Seventeen with a concert hosted by The Cavali Group and sponsored by Fresh Empire.

This was an amazing start to the summer for local teenagers.  The concert held at The Blind Tiger brought out a diverse crowd of all races and ages. At around 6:30 the line was already wrapped around the building with high anticipation of the performance from the Bronx native A Boogie with Da Hoodie.

DJ SixThirty kept the crowd hype on the turntables, while Cavali Pedro kept the crowd entertained on the mic. The opening acts who ranged from the Greensboro/ Durham area to the DMV displayed their lyrical skills in front of the crowd  anxiously waiting the arrival of A Boogie. Each of the opening acts did an amazing job including 15-year-old Quad out of Greensboro, NC.

A couple of fans walked away with prizes that included a meet and greet with A Boogie and passes to see the premier of All Eyez on Me The Untold Story of Tupac Shakur. Fans battled against each other to prove who was the biggest fan by showing their knowledge of A Boogie songs. The crowd chose the fan with best stage presence and who knew the lyrics as the ultimate winners. Cavali Pedro and Rello kept the crowd hyped and interactive throughout the show


A Boogie brought the energy from the time he jumped off the bus onto the stage. The crowd went wild when the 21-year-old rapper graced them displaying his bright smile and dancing to Future’s Mask Off. He performed hits such Timeless, Drowning and everyones favorite My Shit.


Midway through his performance, the promoters noticed a group of children outside the venue excited  and trying to sneak a glance at the performance. The promoters escorted the children and an adult with them onto the stage. The kids who looked like they ranged from the ages of 6-10 immediately started dancing and rapping along to every song. These kids were clearly huge fans, and The Caveli Group had just made their night. A Boogie began dancing with the children as Rolex by Ayo and Teo played and went to retrieve his chain from DJ booth in which he put on the neck of 6 year Caydan. The young boy covered his face in disbelief attempting to hide the emotions he was feeling at the time. The look and the excitement on these kids faces melted my heart. After the show A Boogie gave each child a hug, and they were escorted to the meet and greet area.


aboogie and kids

The collaboration with The Cavali Group and Fresh Empire is one that I look forward to in the future. The Cavali Group has already brought G Herbo, PNBRock and A Boogie as part of the New Wave Concert Series.  The city is ready to see who’s next. The A Boogie concert was definitely one for the book and provided memories that will last for a lifetime for a couple of kids.