Women and Situationships

As women we often find ourselves in situationships that we create on our own. Women want love and healthy relationships. Often times in order to prove this to a man we began being loyal and committed to single men with no signs of a title being attached. We give the men all the benefits of a relationships with no commitment from them. We place ourselves in these situationships and often are hurt or angry at the outcome.

Situationships become a continuing cycle amongst women. When we finally see that there is no future we move on. The problem with this is, we move on to doing same thing again smh.

Here are some signs of a situationships. Be honest with yourself and accept the signs because girl you deserve better:

  1. You don’t go on dates- Netflix and chill does not equal a date. Nor does “chilling” at each others crib.
  2. You don’t have clear way to describe your relationship- if you refer to him as your “friend” and feel awkward as soon as you say it, your probably in a situationship. Or if you defend your relationship with the famous ” what’s understood don’t have to be explained”, yep probably a  situationship.
  3. No long term goals together- if you can’t discuss your future together with them, that may be an indication that you don’t have a future together.
  4. Texting is your primary form of communication-  With situationships this does not include “good morning beautiful” messages or  “how’s your day” messages. These are more like “come thru” or “pull up” messages.
  5. You’re not interested in anyone else because in your mind one day he will come to his senses and realize how awesome you are.

Being in a situationship is like playing Russian roulette with your heart. You pray that it will end happily ever after but its a big chance that you will end up hurt. Life is too short to give yourself to someone who does not appreciate you. No matter how good of a woman you are, you will never be good enough for a man not ready to settle down. So don’t put yourself through the pain. In all honesty a situationship is like a one night stand that goes on for more then one night.

I know its cliché ladies but trust me your Boaz is out there. Stop giving your hearts to men that don’t deserve it.



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