Investing vs Impressing

It often amazes me at the amount of money that I see people blowing. $1000 jeans, couple thousand for sections at the club every weekend, foreign cars and no future…

The bible says that people will perish from the lack of knowledge and I believe that to be true. This generation is so obsessed with impressing people that they have no desire to inspire people. I partially blame social media for this. We (including me) get so caught up in the glitz and glam and obsessed with lifestyles that others portray that we lose ourselves.

In reality, it only takes between $5000 to $10000 to start up a business or invest in you. I know people that blow $10000 every other weekend. Seriously, just think about money that you may have blown on outfits you wear once, bottles that everybody drinking from, and sections in the club that everyone sitting in just to take pictures

There could be so many more black owned businesses if we would just invest in ourselves.  Why throw your money away to party and after that nights its nothing to show for it. Invest in yourself, in your bloodline. Create a business so that your children’s children can benefit from your investments. Open restaurants, boutiques, and salons, invest in real estate, buy a car lot. The opportunity is endless. Have a plan so that if something was to happen to you, your family would still be well taking care of.  

The right investment could easily change your life. Now don’t get me wrong because I love labels. I prefer Balenciaga over Jordan’s and Loubaton over Michael Kors. In the club I want my own section especially if it’s crowded. But don’t let that be all that you invest in. Think about it, while you’re spending thousands the club owners and promotes are getting rich and making more investments. The designers are getting richer and greedier by continuing to up prices but not give back to our communities.  

Investing in yourself could allow you to double your net worth, provide jobs to those in your community (especially convicted felons who society is not as willing to give a second chance), and provide a future for your children.

Invest then impress. But most importantly inspire. Our generation needs leaders. The internet models, rappers, and strippers are making life look golden on the internet. Social media lifestyles are far from reality. Reality is work hard, provide for your family and then play with what is left.

Invest in you. The best part about making money is making it make more money. We have to stop making the richer rich while are communities go poor


What I learned from Super Bowl 51

​Super Bowl 51 was one for the history books. It kept us on the edge of our seat right up until the final play. Football fan or not, one must admit it was a very exciting game. Of course me being the thinker that I am, I got so many messages from the game that could be inspiring to others as well as me. Here are the top 5 things that Super Bowl 51 taught me:

5. Never underestimate the underdog- Going into Sunday’s competition, although the country seemed to be rooting for Atlanta, there was a lot of speculation the team had disadvantage to the veteran Patriots. However during the first half, Atlanta outplayed the Patriots both offensively and defensively. We can apply this to everyday life. No matter how unqualified you think you are, or the lack of experience you may have… with hard work and determination you can keep up with the best of the best.

4. Never celebrate a victory too early- The Falcons and pretty much all of America were pretty sure that the Falcons had the game once by half time. However that brief moment of celebration was quickly put to a halt. No matter what your dream consist of, don’t celebrate it too early. We always pray for the best and excited about new ventures. But celebration should not occur until the deal is sealed. For me that means, promotions, relationships etc. I won’t ever toast to my accomplishments, until they are actually accomplishments.

3. Stay focused on the prize- Tom Brady and the Patriots never lost sight of the prize. Sometimes in life, we get curve balls, trials, ups and downs. But never forget what your ultimate goal is. Sometimes we think we are losing but in reality we are being set up for our biggest victory ever. No matter what it looks like stay focused.

2. Your past does not determine your future- Falcons had control of the game and the Patriots never saw a lead until the final score. The first half of football that the Patriots played was horrible; however after half time they bounced back and went on to victory. With life we all take some type of losses. We lose jobs; lose relationships, financial hardships, sickness and whatever else keeps you down. But always remember that just because the previous chapter of your life contained trials, as long as there is still time left on the clock there is still a chance to turn things around.

1. Team work makes the dream work- Sure Tom Brady did his thing as QB, but without the running back and other key players making phenomenal catches they may not have won. It takes a team no matter if its husband and wife, friends, business partners, or family. The mentality of I can do it alone and no new friends will keep you from prospering. Find whatever components are needed for your team and use that to grow your network, your faith, and your success. The right team will motivate you, inspire you, correct you, mold you and push you towards that win.

So other than the fact that Tom Brady is an amazing player, let these steps motivate you. I am far from a Patriots fan; however they are most hated because they are the most successful. So just understand that with success comes hate, but use that as fuel for your wins.