CosmoProf employee repeadley yells N word at customer

There are alot of things in life that I am not fond of…. However racism, is at the top of my list of things I absolutely hate. 

I have never personally endured racism. Only hear stories about others experiences. But to hear Larrisha Stanley’s encounter with an employee of CosmoProf in Columbia, South Carolina makes me sick to the stomach.

Larrisha, while in the CosmoProf store was called a “Nigger” repeadley by a store employee who was on duty. Captured on video by Mrs.Stanley, the employee, Amy calls her a Nigger, sticks up her middle finger, and points her cell phone at Mrs.Stanley mocking the recording. She also makes it known her husband is a “cop” and would “fu*k” her up.

This behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.A spokesperson for CosmoProf has released a statement saying this situation is being taking seriously and currently under investigation. 

I pray that my children never endure this type behavior. I wish a society we would bury the N word.It is used freely when it is a very hurtful word. 

I stand with Larrisha and pray CosmoProf(store 6440) handles this matter accordingly.

Hats off to Larrisha, even when Amy went low, Larrisha kept her head high and remained lady like.

The following statement issued from CosmoProf:

“Thank you again to everyone who brought the video to our attention. We apologize for the inappropriate conduct demonstrated by the store associate, who is no longer with the company. CosmoProf is proud to support all who are licensed to create and encourage positivity in the community.”
Thank you CosmoProf for quick actions.



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