Watching my visions unfold: 2017 whats up

‚Äč2016- Greensboro

2017- Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, LA, New York, Baltimore, DC.

Already making plans and connections for my Ladies who Brunch tour.Yep I said TOUR! What God has laid out can’t be stopped. Walking in my destiny… finally!

Bridging gaps and building relationship amongst women. I am so excited. I know I have to crawl before walking so Im cool with taking baby steps. Greensboro was only the beginning and I had my strength with me. Im ready to take blogging and networking to the next level. I know people say don’t share your dreams because people will shoot them down. But I feel if I don’t share my testimony and let others watch me start from the bottom… then what is really my purpose. I aim to be the reason some young girl does not give up after surviving what life throws her way that meant to destroy her. You can’t have a testimony and keep it a secret… that was never Gods plan.. If you are more worried about envy then blessings then maybe you should evaluate yourself.  Sometimes the image we see in others is really an image of ourself. 

I have two daughters that I am not only going to teach success… but show them. Im just inviting the world along for the ride. He kept me for a reason…. now its my time.

Oh yeah.. you running out of time… Dont wait till January to set your goals.. Now is the perfect time… Write them down… dream about… then achieve.. You got this.

I look forward to doing visions boards with my ladies this year. Its time we stop focusing on any negative, put out dreams in front of us, and go get it. 

Habakkuk 2:2


My Political View

Two things I try to stay away from when blogging is baby daddy issues (yeah I hate the word baby daddy but you get the picture) and Politics. Both subjects are sure to spark a debate. But here we go with my opinion, many probably wont agree… but again it’s MY opinion.
Senior year I took Government and was very intrigued. Especially when I learned of the electoral college. Until then I had no clue that the President of the United States was choosem by this group of individuals representing each state 

The year was November 2000. I was 18 and super excited about voting in my first election. I consider myself a democrat so of course I was Team Gore. I went to VA Museum of Natural History and cast my vote. Then went home excited to watch the election results unfold. The entire night I was happy as reults came in showing Gore in a lead and winning the popular vote in most states. The race was very close however Al Gore pulled away the popular vote with 48.4% of votes vs. George Bush’s 47.9%. It appeared to be a clear victory for Gore. There was some issues with Florida but no doubt America had spoke and Gore won.

I remember waking up to the news that George W Bush was the newly elected president winning the majority of the electoral college. Myself, along with the rest of the US was stunned. The people voted, the popular vote was clear.. how did this happen? I quickly remebered Government class and the electoral college. It finally sunk in and made sense.

Although I am a huge Obama and Hilary supporter, I have not partcipated in a Presidential election since 2000. It may be an ignorant thought but I saw first hand the popular vote does not always determine president.

I do vote for Congress, Governor and local officials. They are the real law makers and their decisions impact us most.

Now I can name 50 reasons Trump does not need to be in office. But you already know that. I am going to exercise my right to vote this year for a presidential canidate. However I strongly encourage everyone to pay attention to local races your vote definitely matters locally. 

Maybe this I will vlog my experience…