Dreams and Nightmares

My dreams are so big that they scare me. I’m not your average dream chaser. My ultimate goal is to make my dreams reality. Even as a child, I was star struck. Award shows, fashion shows, talk shows anything with celebrities fascinated me.

After a rough year last year, I made up in my mind in December to push foward  and take flight with my visions. All I can say is 2016 has been absolutely amazing. On stage with Kevin Gates, chatting with Peter at his diner, hanging out with Toya Wright, kids front row at Bryson Tiller (I took a VIP seat for that one ), front row for Fabolous, meeting Cardi B, front row at Summer Jam, Dutchess celebrity event, celebrity bowling tournament… and much more coming soon. It may be small to some but in my first six months I accomplished alot. I can’t forget the amazing prom giveaway and oppurtunity to write for Lets Talk Hip Hop.

I have so much more to do before the close of 2016. My head is so full of ideas its crazy. I’m not just star struck though and wanting to be a celebrity blogger. I have a platform to give back and to uplift women and teenage girls.

God kept me for a reason, I have to fulfill my dream. There was a girl from Cali I met last year when I was going through. We were both faced with the same demon. Gorgeous girl, like model type. We became close, talked, texted, inboxed alot. She would always check on me. Friday morning I woke up, and realized I hadnt talked to her in months. In fact since I got my new phone in April. I went to her IG to send me her my number and saw her last post was on May 9. I looked down at the comments, and it was comment after comment saying RIP. My heart dropped, I couldn’t breathe, I couldnt believe it. A beautiful life gone to soon.

My nightmare is not fulfilling my dream or the work God has set me to do. Failure is the only thing that scares me more than death. I cannot lose…

We all have different dreams and different nightmares. Whoever is reading this I encourage to go after your dream. Dreams and nightmares coincide with each other.  If your dreams dont scare they are not big enough. If you dont have a nightmare, you may not have yet defined your purpose.

I appreciate everyone that has followed keepingupwithkei. If you’re reading this, that means you. I have so much more to come.  This journey called life is amazing. Nemo said it best, no matter what “just keep swimming”.

The sky is the limit and there is an amazing view from the top. I want to meet everyone at the top. Its room for us all.

RIP Tara.. this is post is dedicated to you. Thanks for pushing me even at my weakest point. Im about to put in work now. I Love You.





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One thought on “Dreams and Nightmares

  1. I love it, i needed to hear that, as i read it, it motivated me anymore..thanks Keisha!!! Keep it up babes you on your way to “the big league” #WEALLTHEWAYUP


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