Exclusive: In My Heart

Gavin uses his gift to express his feelings over events that have transpired this week. “Things will get better”

Make sure you listen to this song in its entirety. This song is super dope. #blacklivesmatter


Black Lives Matter

I have been trying to write something for the last two days… But i can’t. I have no words to describe the senseless killings by law enforcement officers. 

A black man selling cds at the local corner store. Every hood has a Alton Sterling.

A hardworking, law abiding citizen in the car with his family. We all know a Philando Castile.

The list of hashtags and RIPs at the hand of law enforcement is getting longer. I honestly have no words. I am angry, hurt, and most of all scared for our black men.

I refuse to keep posting black lives matter. I am ready to take action. I want justice. 

The same prisions that house first time drug offenders for 30+ years, need to make room for these officers.

Its time for justice!

RIP to all our fallen soldiers!

A Letter to black men

Dear Black Man,

Your life is valuable. From the rib of the black man came a black woman. There would be no WOman without the man.

The media wants to portray you as gangsters and thugs. They show many of our men behind bars and our children being raised by single mothers.

The world views you as angry people. Who at the blink of an eye will rob still and kill.

For the record, the leader of the “land of the free” is a black man. Many doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors and CEOs are black men.

In addition to the HBCU’S there are thousands of young men preparing to be our future. 

Black man, you have so much more to offer this world then sports, violence and anger

They have killed enough of you. Its time to stand together and unite. Your black women are behind you supporting you. In the words of Fabolous “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together”.  

Black men lets come together. Teach our boys to be men.Raise up a nation of Barack Obama’s, lawyers, doctors, and activist. Teach our young men to be proud of who they are and to demand respect.

Black men we need you right now. Can you imagine the force you have if everyone came together. It starts with supporting each other. Support black businesses. Stop hating on each other and appreciate the progression of your brother. 

Support the movement! Dont keep watching our brothers, fathers and sons being killed at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us.

We need you more then ever to be men. Lets stand up!!! It’s time for change.

Most of all your black women need you right now! We are terrified right now for our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and any black male in our lives.

I Love you my black men and I support you! Black Lives Matter! 


Brand New Me

​My new logo! New design, More interviews, opinions, fashion and events coming soon! If I dont invest in me who will. #newadventures #newnetworks #newvision #blogger  #keepingupwithkei #blackbloggers #nc #va #dc #atl #miami #nyc