10 Facts About Kei

So my blog title is KeepingUpWithKei yet I rarely blog about myself. So here is 10 fun facts about Kei.

1. I absolutely love dolphins. They are one of the most peaceful animals.
2. I am very shy. As much as I like all eyes on me, I don’t like all eyes on me lol. If that makes sense.
3. I really want to be famous. In my mind I’m really Toya Wright sister and Kelly Rowland friend lol. I want my name known to everyone.
4. I really do care about people and see the best in everyone.
5. I want to be in a position where I can put others in positions.
6. I’m scared of the dark and quietness. I sleep with my tv on for this reason.
7. I hate bananas and the smell of bananas.
8. I watch court shows day and night.
9. I am a huge crybaby. I cry all the time for no reason.
10. I love taking pictures because I love capturing memories.

I love you for taking time to come to my blog and read this. You cant see it I am smiling. You could have been reading anything world. But you here with me.




My life in words...

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