Games vs Fashion Fashion Show

On Sunday June 26, I had the pleasure of attending The Games vs Fashion Fashion Show. I was invited by the beautiful Tamia Mccray, who is a true definition of a Goal Digger.  I really appreciate the invite and allowing my blog to cover the event.

I must say everything was very well organized. The VIP guest received gift bags and preferred seating. There were vendors present to appeal to almost anyone. The DJ kept the scene energetic between designers, during intermission and for the games. Everyone present had an opportunity to win some awesome prizes. The prizes ranged from gift cards, to make overs, a free sew in, a 32in tv, and 4 day stay in Las Vegas. The games were a hit! New style musical chairs, whats in your wallet, a dance contest, and a singing contest adding a spin on the new McDonalds jingle were few of the games by fashion show attendees.

The models were absolutely perfect. The designers represented the home city of Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte and Atlanta. They were all very talented. Did I mention, the models were perfect. They ripped the runway in a variety of shades and sizes. I was very impressed.

Our host for the night was Tamia, the gorgeous Latin Diva the Zumba queen and Duane Jones a photographer based out of Fayetteville. These three were a great trio and did an awesome job commentating and keeping crowd engaged.

If you missed the show I have some footage.  Trust me next time, you dont want to miss it.




DMX Breakfast Club Interview

DMX tells the breakfast there will be a “real” Belly 2. If you know me, I am hyped. I loved Belly, especially “Keisha”. Shoutout my dark skin beauties.

If you remember there was a sequel Belly 2: Millionaire Boys Club which in noways compared to the original Belly.

DMX also revealed some facts about himself.
1. He writes rhymes on loose leaf paper
2. He plans to one day become a pastor
3. He had an outer body experience last year
4. He almost signed with Bad Boy before Ruff Ryders
5. He is not Drake fan. But he did appreciate Drake calling him to ask permission to sample song.
6. DMX is expecting his 15th child
7. He does not have a drivers .

I am still a huge DMX fan. Where my dogs at!!!!!


Congratulations Jill Scott

Congratulations are in order to Jill Scott and her new hubby, Mike Dobson.

Jill and her husband had an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Mike surprised Jill with a performance from Big Daddy Kane at reception. The couple and guest did an awesome job keeping wedding private. The DJ at the reception posted pictures and word quickly spread.

There is nothing I love more then love. Congrats again and I pray they have a blessed marriage.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Reasonable Doubt. One of the best albums of all time. It’sin my playlist till this day. 20 years old tho… Wow, I feel old.  Whats your favorite track on Reasonable Doubt? Here’s mine:



Keeping Up With Fashion

Now unless you have been living under a fashion rock, you have noticed the hottest trend right now is dashikis.

Dashikis are brightly colored shirts or tunics that originated in West Africa (shoutout to the motherland). They were Americanized (if thats word) for the first time in the 1960s. Fast forward 2016 and they have made a strong comeback. From Blu Carter, to mommy Beyonce

, Chris Brown, Jheno Aiko and a host of other celebrities. Dashikis are definitely a must for summer 16.

So today I’m your dashiki plug. You can thank me later. Go check out! Not only are their dashikis gorgeous, but they are affordable. When I say affordable, I mean like $20. Check out their instagram as well @dashikipride.

My dashiki pictures are coming soon. Until then, here are a few pictures to inspire you. Don’t forget check out and tell them Kei sent you.