How You Like Your Lemons

So Beyonce made lemonade real popular this year with it being the title of her 6th album. I wasn’t a fan of the HBO special but I love the album.

Typically when we think of lemons, we think of a sour bitter substance. This is easily compared to tough times in our life when we expect something sweet but get a bitter result.

A lemon is oval shape, but what sets it apart is its thick skin. Lemons don’t bruise easily and it takes alot of work to peel them.

If you eat a lemon by itself, you will get the sour taste of a lemon and it’s bitterness. Some people are accustomed to this and having a bitter taste does not bother them. In fact they are okay with walking around with the sour look a raw lemon gives them.

Lemons are also used as chasers after drinking your favorite alcoholic  beverage straight. After taking the strong hit from the liquor the acid from the lemon smooths things out. It doesnt make it taste better, just makes it tolerable. You know kind of how we do with certain situations. We tolerate things that we could make better, but instead we swallow our pride and take it straight.

Some people like lemon water. They put lemons in water and it looks good till you taste it. Then you find out it was an illusion. Just because it looks good and looks like the real thing, thats not always the case. You think you getting lemonade, in reality it’s just a watered down lemon. Its still sour, but it  looks good

Lemonade is probably a favorite. Taking that sour lemon, mixing with some water and sugar to give it a good taste. Taking the negative and making it into a positive. We all want to turn lemons in lemonade at some point.

So ask yourself how do you like your lemons? Do you like to be bitter, and sour looking? How about tolerating a situation by taking things the quick way but not making them better? Are you  looking like the real thing, but in reality still bitter and sour? Out here fooling
everybody but yourself. Or do you make the best out of the worst? Taking what was meant to be sour and making it sweet.

The thing about life is we will always get lemons. What you choose to do with them are up to you.

Me, i turn my lemons into apples and leave the world wondering how I did it.



Controller: Social Media

“I will never let my day or emotions be determined by what I see on Social Media.” – Kei

This is a pathetic trend thats been going on for awhile. Stop watching facebook/Instagram getting mad over how other people are living and get a life of your own.

Not every post is someone “flexing”. Sometimes its people proud of their accomplishments and wanting to share it with the world. If a person post a status or picture its sentimental to them.

But the small minded see it as flexing. Those thats trying to win see it as motivation. Some locals and celebrities push me towards my goals, because they showing me it can be done. While others get mad and their whole day messed up because they see Nikki (fictitious name) smiling, happy and enjoying life. Reality, you dont know the struggle Nikki went through to get that life, the pain behind her smile, or the overtime hours she put in. People will see Nikki happy and start thinking of something happen 10 years ago and get mad at her.
Ive seen it, people will change their entire attitude behind a facebook post.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up. Be prepared for those with no life to start talking bout those that are living.

Social Media is definitely controlling lives. If you ever get mad behind my post, you gone stay mad

. God has blessed me and im going to share it. Not flexing but if he can do it for me after the hell ive been through… he can do it for anyone.

In closing, if youre someone who gets mad over seeing vacations, designer fashion, nice cars, big smiles relationships, businesses, food, and accomplishments…. social media may not be the place for you.  You might want to try just reading your local newspaper to stay engaged.


90s Best Era Ever

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to a 90s theme birthday party, and I had a blast! The dress, the food, the decorations, everythings 90s theme. I’m talking snap bracelts, slinkys, candy cigarettes and lets not forget the awesome music.

I was a product of the 80s, but the 90s is the era I grew up in. The era that raised me to be the cool, down to earth chick I am.  I thank God for being alive during this decade. Here’s my rundown of why the 90s were totally awesome:

1. There was no social media. People either really “liked” or “disliked” you. There was no button to cofirm it.

2. We took lots of pictures normally using the disposable camera, and you didnt get to review picture and take over.

3. As kids we played after school, on weekends, whenever we could. Kickball games, hide and seek, dodgeball and more could be found being played in any given neighborhood. We would play outside till our parents made us com-
e in.

4. Music in the 90s was handsdown the best ever. My playlist today is mostly 90s music. I mean we has AAliyah, Destiny Child, Cash Money, No Limit, Jay Z at  his prime, Jodeci, Shai, Ja Rule and the Murder Inc family, Bad Boy, Tupac, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys,  Brittany Spears, Nsnyc. I could go on and on. Music meant something… it was storytelling. For instance, Eve’s record Love is Blind had us all visualuzing the scenerio of what happened to her friend . We could dance to the tootsie roll or simply butterfly. Music was meaningful and fun.

5. The tv shows… I miss 90s sitcoms! Full House, Fresh Prince, A Different World, Living Single, New York Undercover (best shown ever), Family Matters, 90210 and my favorite…. Save by The Bell. I would trade these reality shows for some of these sitcoms anyday.

The 90s were just fun. We didnt have to dress revealing, in fact the tomboy look was in. We went to parties to have fun with no worries. Now kids have to worry about shootings, and being drugged at parties. We looked forward to being at all the football games and riding around town.

The 90s were just awesome. I guess I
can continue to relive them through 90s theme parties.




Keeping Up With Kei Prom Princess

Prom should be remembered as one of the most magical nights of a young girls life. A night that she feels like a princess. It was my vision a couple of months ago to make one lucky girl’s prom dreams come true. The first annual Ultimate Prom Giveaway was birthed.

The winner this year was Miss Khadejah Carter of Martinsville, VA.  She chose a beautiful pink gown from Davids Bridal. She looked like an absolute living doll during the fitting, which made me super excited about prom night.

I could not have done this alone and I am so thankful for Sisters Helping Each Other, Front Line Nursing, Unique Designs and MUA Breona Martin. These ladies all played important roles in making this night a special one.

This was just the beginning. Im already ready to do it again next year.


Catching Flights

So it recently hit me that at this point in my life elevation is my focus. Elevating as a mother, in my career, success in general, my spiritual life, my love life and did I say … my love life lol.

Now recently I flew to Miami and of course as always my mind was working. The flight to Miami was a breeze no issues. I was in the air, relaxed and for the most part enjoying my view

Although I love flying, I can’t say that flying does not make me nervous. The higher we got, the more nervous I got. Kind of like life. Some of us are so comfortable with our feet  on the ground that you will never know what it feels like to fly. You are scared to take flight because you are scared of the unknown or crashing. For instance, you’ve had visions of owning your own business, but scared of failure so you don’t go for it. You don’t see the thousands of businesses  that are successful, only the few that fail. Kind of like some people are scared of a plane crashing because of the few plane wrecks they heard about. In reality planes are safer then cars, just as there are alot of successful small businesses. So they stay in their comfort zone and only dream. Like people who scared to fly, but want to visit Hawaii from NC. It will never happen unless you take flight. 
Now my flight back from Miami, was a different story. I played it cool, but I was super scared. The pilot told us before take off that  there was a storm ahead. He warned there would be some bumps and tough travel due to unexpected storms. He stressed however that he felt confident we would make it safely to our destination. This by itself sounds like the story of my life. I’ve ran into some unexpected storms, and some rough bumps, but I still made it,or at least came  
  close to my destination. Elevation is not always easy. In fact it will have you wanting to turn around from the direction you are headed and contemplating staying grounded. With elevation sometimes there are tears, sometimes you want to scream and sometimes you want to get out of there. On my flight I trusted the pilot, in life we trust God to guide us to our destination.  

On my flight there was probably well over 100 people on the flight with me. Some probably had fears,where some were fine because they were used to it.  On my flight coming back there were 100 different people. So just know the people that start with you, may not join you as you elevate higher. Not necessarily because they haters, but every flight is not for everybody.

Being comfortable is what holds so many people back. Uncomfortable situations are sometimes what you need to go higher or to soar.  

I challenge you to step out your comfort zone and catch flight. It does not matter if it’s a real flight, or going higher to reach dreams. That includes, starting that business, going back to school, starting new career, starting a family etc. anything that will take you to a new level. 

Take flight and become part of the flight club. There is room for all of us at the top. The best thing about elevation is its not a race. Planes don’t race each other. They fly at their own pace because the only focus is reaching the destination. I’m getting ready to catch my flight… See y’all at the top! 💋