Be the same woman you are on social media

I’ve noticed that 2016 is the year of the woman. We out her starting businesses, motivating each other, cheering each other on, supporting each other and wanting everyone to win. 

Sounds good, right? Truth is, this is partly correct. It’s a fact as far as social media, but what about real life? Are we really motivating each other, cheering for each other and most importantly supporting each other. 

Now we can put up a dope status and get 300 likes. But how many women are you spreading love to and motivating face to face? On Facebook everybody praying for everybody. But when you see your sister with her head down in the street do you pray for her not knowing what’s going on? Or do you talk about the fact that she didn’t speak or smile at you?

One thing I’ve noticed is women are all for women’s empowerment on social media, but when it’s live and direct.. How many people really there?How many women are you pushing daily to become better and not talking about?

Let’s not forget support. On social media you down to support whatever cause someone is promoting at the time. A concert, a church event, donations, buying from boutiques whatever.  But when it’s time to show up, who really there?

If we as women (we including me, because I be falling through the cracks to) supported women as much as we “post” about or “like and comment”, we’d be winning even more than we are.

I’ve seen three events in the past few weeks where on social media the support was overwelming but actually showing up was a different story.

So I challenge everyone, support our women in whatever they are doing. Be that person that you “post” to be. It’s hard running businesses. Support your local women even if y’all in the same business.  When these women conferences and empowerments a take place, don’t just “like it” show up in big numbers. 

We all as women should have two goals  in common: being successful and being happy. 



Girl FriendsĀ 

So if you know me, you know I value friendships. Friends to me run as close as family. In fact I consider most my friends family. I’ve learned that in order to have good friends you must first be a good friend. So for real if you find yourself with no friends, you may want to evaluate yourself. I’m going to breakdown some of the different types of girl friends. See if you can recognize yourself or one of your friends in these characteristics. 

The Friendly One: this is that friend that makes friends with everyone and always bringing new people around. She’s the social butterfly out of the group and people naturally flock to her. The new people she brings in may not always click with her old friends, but she tries to make it work. This friend is normally happy, sees good in everyone, and believes in second chances. 

The Bougie One: This is the friend who thinks she’s that glass of Chardonnay amongst the coronas lol. She does not like given people chances and believes her group (especially her) rises above the rest. Fellas if you try to talk to her, she’ll probably turn up her nose unless you have her standing on couches. She likes to wear designer, take trips, and eat at the finest restaurants. She’s typically very bossy and direct with her friends. 

The Fun One: This friend is the life of the party. She loves to have fun and you’re guaranteed laughs when you are around her. She loves life and does everything possible to make sure the people around her love life as well. Whenever you are feeling down this friend is guaranteed to make you smile. 

The Negative Friend: We all have one.. The friend who sees the bad in everything and everyone. They always no matter what have something negative to say. They typically don’t give compliments and don’t support their friends. These friends always have some type of issue or problem. 

The Motivator: This friend is always there to give an encouraging word. They are that friend you can call on at anytime and they will be there. The motivating friend normally never complains and you never know when they have issues in their own life. The motivator is also the one who will check you when you’re wrong. 

The Gangster Friend: This that friend you can’t take nowhere. She is going to argue and might fight somebody. This friend is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The TTG friend. She may even fight with her friends but will make ammends.

The Busy Friend: She’s the friend who works all the time. You rarely get to talk to her, but when you do it’s like you never been apart. This friend is normally very successful and puts nothing before her career.

The Gossiping Friend: The friend we all need in our life lol. She knows the scoop on everything and everybody. When something goes down, this is the friend you call. This friend keeps a screenshot and the hottest tea. The only thing about a gossiping friend is that she may gossip about you. 

The Social Media Friend: This a new category of friends. This that friend you don’t know, but she always commenting on your status and pictures to make it look like you’re friends. You normally share laughs and share post with this person. But when you see each other in public, it’s awkward. 

So these are a few characteristics of girl friends. Do you see one that describes you or your friends? 

We all need a variety of friends. I have each of these. Good friends are to find. But when you find true friends, they last for a lifetime.