Bag Lady

“Bag lady you gone hurt you back. Dragging all those bags like that. I guess no one ever told you. All you must hold on to, is you” – Erykah Badu

I have always loved this song, however I was in my 20s before I understood the meaning. So, what other time is better to discuss being a bag lady then right before we enter the new year.Now we’ve all carried our share of baggage. Bad relationships, debt, self hate, sickness etc. My definition of baggage is carrying weight that over powers you, controls you and leaves you feeling worthless or heavy hearted. This is definitely something we need to work on leaving in 2015. The only bag you should be carrying in 2016 is MCM, Gucci, Prada or even MK. A bag you carry as  an accessory not a weight. You might be carrying baggage and don’t know it. So let me break a few down. Remember this my definition not Websters:

1. Unhealthy relationships: this means it could be your man, your best friend, even a family member. Ladies we all have instinct… Use it!! You know who is for you and who’s not.. Newsflash ladies: A man has done nothing for you until he makes you his wife. You can move him in and have all the babies you want. If he living with (or on) you, driving your car, cheating continuously and there’s no sign of marriage in your future, that does not make you a down chick, it’s makes you dumb! I been there, so I’m speaking from experience. If he is not helping you grow, keeping you stress, disrespecting you! Let him go! It’s good men out there! Know your worth. This applies for friends too. Always remember one who gossips with will gossip about you. If they feeding your soul with negativity and not positive vibes, let them go! 

2. Self hate: ladies I don’t care how white, black, big, small, tall or short you are. Know that you are gorgeous and you don’t need anyone to validate you. So let’s leave depression, oppression and  anything that makes you doubt yourself in 2015. Wake up every morning look in mirror and say “girl you are beautiful and you are a boss now let’s get it” I’m telling it will make your day way better! 

3.Sickness: we all battle something! I have comfort in knowing that “through his stripes I’m healed”. Stop speaking about your sickness and speak too it and let it know that it has no room in your body. I watch people give sickness to much credit or crave that attention. That’s baggage.. Let it go! Pray and keep going.

This is just a few off top my head. You know what your baggage is! Don’t be a bag lady in 2016. 2016 is the year of the boss and bosses don’t carry around trash! If it’s not uplifting you, it’s weighing you. Let it go! I got lots of baggage I’m leaving in 2015. Take care of yourself and your kids ladies. Unfortunately bills is not baggage.. It’s life. So pay them on time, so you can live comfortable. We create baggage and stress letting bills go. You can never win like that! I love you ladies and I hope that you love yourself!


2015: The Fury Year

2015…. What a year!!!! So my life was basically a roller coaster this year. I have some high moments that were great. You know the feeling when you’re going up the tracks, the excitement you feel.Yeah that was me at the beginning of the year. But by March I was taking that deep downward dive, that drop on the roller coaster when it feels like you’re falling downward face forward and you have no control over anything. That fall seems to last forever and it’s like you see nothing but the bottom, there’s no view of the top . The drop to the bottom is much faster then the slow climb it took you to get to the top. But then just like that it levels out. You gain control again, your vision is clear again and you get off, get on your feet and move on. That’s exactly how my 2015 was. The irony to this, is that in March 2015 The Fury 325 opened at Carowinds. It’s currently the worlds tallest and fastest ride. I have never rode it and prob never will…But my 2015 was definitely The Fury year.